In order to create a new pattern of Hongze Taiwanese investment demonstration zone and further deepen exchanges and cooperation between Hongze and Taiwan, on September 13, Hongze District Taiwan Affairs Office held a promotion and project signing ceremony for Taiwan, and signed a graphite FAG bearing project with an investment of 30 million yuan. Cooperation agreement. Chen Zhongyu, executive vice minister of the United Front Work Department of the District Party Committee, director of the Taiwan Affairs Office, and other relevant personnel, and Liu Hongkuan, vice chairman of the Nanjing Taiwan Investment Association, attended the event.

In order to complete the signing of the project, since the beginning of this year, the Hongze District Taiwan Affairs Office has extensively contacted friends from Taiwanese businessmen, established good relationships, and actively promoted Hongze District’s industrial development, agricultural development, urban construction, cultural tourism, and investment promotion. After knowing that Taiwanese businessman Liu Hongkuan has investment intentions, he sincerely invites to Hong for field inspections, warmly welcome negotiations, and reach preliminary cooperation intentions; to ensure the orderly progress of the project and the final completion of the project, this year 5 At the beginning of this month, Han Wenzhi, member of the Standing Committee of the Hongze District Party Committee and Minister of the United Front Work Department, led a team to Nanjing and Rugao to visit the parent company of the investor to gain in-depth understanding of the company's operating status, investment plan and long-term development strategy, and lay a solid foundation for the successful signing of the graphite bearing project.