The 2021 Beijing International Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition opened on October 17, and a batch of wind power generation equipment independently developed by China was exhibited at the conference. The single-row tapered main shaft bearing of China's first land-based 4 MW wind turbine generator set developed by Wazhou Group officially unveiled, marking a key progress in China's high-power wind power equipment technology.

With the introduction of carbon peak and carbon neutral targets, China is actively constructing a new power system with new energy as the main body. The scale of new energy such as wind power is continuously expanding. China has become a major producer and demander of wind turbines in the world. . However, the localization rate of wind power bearings in China is not high.

"In response to this situation, Wazhou Group has conducted research on the key technologies of long-life, high-reliability spindle bearings for high-power wind turbines, and has successively broken through technical problems such as bearing cage design, temperature field analysis, and heat treatment processing. Finally, Successfully developed to meet the mass production standards." said Zhang Lina, an executive of the Wind Power Bearing Division of Wazhou Group.

The annual Beijing International Wind Energy Conference is co-sponsored by China Renewable Energy Industry Association, China Wind Energy Association, and Global Wind Energy Council, and is known as the "weathervane" and "barometer" of China's wind power industry. The most advanced wind power generation system component equipment and wind turbine component equipment in China will be exhibited at the conference.