In recent years, the overall production scale of the domestic bearing industry has continued to expand, and the number of bearing companies has increased sharply. Nearly half of the nearly 2,000 companies are large companies.

The overall development speed of my country's bearing industry is actually not fast, but with the development of the market, users have higher and higher requirements for the accuracy, performance and types of bearing products, which has also evolved into the market's demand for high-end bearings has greatly increased. In order to meet this demand, the bearing industry should vigorously improve the level and quality of bearing products.

In the industry, there are many technical problems related to bearing products that have not yet been overcome. If the current level and quality of bearing products are to be improved, it is necessary to pay attention to the improvement of steel quality, and to do a good job in the research and development of related technologies such as lubrication, cleaning, and abrasive tools. However, these related technologies currently do not meet the requirements.

As a basic industry that is key to the development of our country, although the development speed of the TIMKEN bearing industry is not fast, it already has a large production capacity. National policies have given strong support to the development of the bearing industry. Under such a situation, the economic scale of the bearing industry is gradually increasing. In today's information age, if the bearing industry wants to develop further, it will inevitably enter the Internet e-commerce market.

The entry into Internet e-commerce has also opened up a new market space for the bearing industry and alleviated the overcapacity of the bearing industry.