1. Taper bearing - Taper bearing is one of the most important components in roller bearings. Compared with ordinary bearings, their special advantage is that they expand the field of use and can provide improved movement characteristics.

2. Roller bearing - In addition to wear-resistant and deep-groove ball bearings, this sturdy, shock-resistant bearing is mainly used for transport equipment casters. Compared with other bearings, roller bearings are known for their low installation height, relatively low rolling resistance and huge load capacity. Wheels equipped with roller bearings should not move faster than 4 km/h, which is close to the speed of a person walking.

3. Precision Ball Bearings - The single-row radial precision ball bearings, which are uniquely designed and conform to the German industry standard (DIN), are the highest quality type of bearings. Wheels equipped with these ball bearings maintain extremely low rolling resistance even with maximum loads.

4. Ordinary bearing - the simplest form of wheel bearing is the sliding or friction of the bearing. They are shock-resistant, require little maintenance and, depending on the material's properties, are also resistant to corrosion. If the equipment only needs to move in a short distance and at a low speed, the caster 168 recommends that you install wheels with ordinary bearings. This is the best value for money.

There is no best, only the most suitable. Combined with your actual situation, you can find a suitable bearing product by comparing multiple products. Believe in you, you can choose the most suitable casters and bearings for you.