The Top 5 Bearing Companies in Italy in 2022

Italy is known for its delicious food, stunning scenery, and passionate people. It is also home to some of the world's leading bearing companies. In this blog post, we will take a look at the top 5 bearing companies in Italy in 2022. These companies are leaders in their field and are poised for continued success in the years to come!
The top five bearing companies in Italy in 2022 are:


Type of Business: Manufacturing & Supplying bearings
Location (Headquarters):  Via I Maggio, 21045 Gazzada Schianno VA, Italy
Year Established: 1946


Founded in 1946, SKF is one of the world's leading bearing companies. With over 100 manufacturing plants and more than 80 service and sales locations, SKF has a strong presence in Italy. The company produces a wide range of bearings for use in a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, and construction. SKF is committed to quality and innovation, and is constantly expanding its product range to meet the needs of its customers.

Products & Services Offered by SKF Italy Inc , SKF Bearings

Main Markets: Italy



Type of Business: Manufacturing & Supplying bearings
Location (Headquarters): Via Dr. Georg Schaeffler, 7
28015 Momo (NO)
P.IVA e CF 00115190035
Year Established: 1883


Schaeffler Italia is the Italian branch of Schacher Group and it commercializes products on this country's market that have been manufactured by INA, FAG & LUK for industrial or automotive applications. The company's origins date back to 1961 when they were founded in Milan with an office at Momo Garage which became their home until 1964 before moving elsewhere across Italy; but not before elected Novara as venue whereyou can find them today!

Products & Services Offered by Schaeffler Italy Inc , INA & FAG Bearings

Main Markets: Italy



Type of Business: Manufacturing & Supplying bearings
Location (Headquarters): Via Giotto 4
San Benigno Canavese
Year Established: 1918


The NTN Corporation group in Europe is a growing enterprise with 26 production facilities and more than 430 thousand units produced daily. The company offers its partners
a unique combination of Japanese culture, global capabilities that can be accessed from anywhere on the continent thanks to their close partnerships network; wherever you are there’s always someone who understands your needs just as well if not better than yourself because they've been through it all before - which makes them perfect candidates for this position!

Products & Services Offered by NTN Italy Inc , NTN & SNR Bearings

Main Markets: Europe



Type of Business: Manufacturing & Supplying bearings
Location (Headquarters): VIA BONINA EST, N°10 – SAN NICOLÒ DI ROTTOFRENO 29010 (PC) – ITALIA


DistiTec is proud to provide a wide range of services and products related towards bearings. Our technical / mechanical department works closely with branch experts, offering an extensive list that includes steel profiles for handling; metal processes : turning or grinding carried out by precision machine tools such as milling machines fitted with abrasives capable surfaces Engineering Solutions can also supply welding & sand casting operations where appropriate across all types within our portfolio - this ensures maximum customer satisfaction at every stage!
For more information about these particular offerings please contact us via email info@distitec-it

Products & Services Offered by DISTITEC Italy Inc , Bearings

Main Markets: Italy



Type of Business: Manufacturing & Supplying bearings
Location (Headquarters): Unit A1, 7/F, Cheuk Nang Plaza,250 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Year Established: 2012


Whether you’re a professional mechanic, amateur car enthusiast or just want to save some money on your next repair job; we have what it takes! Our team is made up of experts who not only know their way around every type and model vehicle but also work closely with major brands like FAG ( Germany), INA / TIMken USA & Japan NSK NACHI Necchi Sankyo which allows us offer customers high quality products at competitive prices.Products & Services: Agency sales of various brand bearings
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