Top 10 NTN bearing distributors 

NTN bearings are some of the most popular bearings in the world.
They are used in a variety of applications, from automobiles to industrial machinery.
If you need NTN bearings, it is important that you choose a supplier that can provide you with quality products and excellent customer service.
In this blog post, we will discuss the 10 best NTN bearing distributors in the world!

Type of Business: Manufacturing & Supplying bearings
Location (Headquarters): 2608 COMMERCE SQUARE DR
Year Established: 2000


EIS is North America's leading supplier of electrical, electronic and mechanical process materials.
Our engineered solutions provide manufacturers with a highly technical partner in development who serve industries from power generation to alternative energy production as well as electric vehicle mobility.
- Supply Chain Solutions: Forging contracts that require constant communication between all parties involved – Innovation through Research & Development.
EIS is committed to providing our customers with the best possible products and services, which reflects in their successes. We drive top-tier results for you all around!

Products & Services: bearings,hand & power tools ,electric motors& parts etc .

Main Markets: USA,Canada,Mexico,South America etc .

2.Bartlett Bearing Company, Inc.
Type of Business: Manufacturing & Supplying bearings
Location (Headquarters):10901 Decatur Road
Philadelphia, PA 19154 
Year Established:1951 


Bartlett Bearing Company, Inc. is a family-owned company that was founded in 1951 by Tom Bartlett with only 2 employees.
Now they have over 70 staff and 6 locations across the United States including Philadelphia - Gastonia NC-, Hebron KY., Pelham AL Tampa FLGrain Valley MO!
As one of leading distributors for electro mechanical facilities we offer unparalleled inventory at competitive prices along side 24/7 phone support if you need help anytime day or night 365 days per year .
We have a large inventory of name brand products that are competitively priced. We also provide customer service with an easy return policy and on-time delivery, so your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Products & Services:hybrid ceramic, insulated and self-aligning bearings, as well as Aegis Grounding Rings, EM-Quick Sleeves, V-belts, mechanical seals, oil seals and more.

Main Markets:USA,Canada,Mexico,South America etc .

3.B&D Industrial.
Type of Business: Manufacturing & Supplying bearings
Location (Headquarters): 607 Lower Poplar St. Macon, GA 31201 
Year Established: 1947


From custom manufacturing to repairs, B&D Industrial has the expertise you need.
We operate 30 facilities in Georgia and North/South Carolina as well as Tennessee Louisiana & Washington providing services for customers ranging from engineers software developers certified service technicians outside salespeople customer support representatives.
Their core value drives them to big : Treat others as you want to be treated.
Do the right thing for a reason, and always exhibit honesty with your words or actions!

Products & Services: bearings, belt ,bushing,couplings,linear motions etc .

Main Markets: USA,Canada,Mexico,South America etc .

Type of Business: Manufacturing & Supplying bearings
Location (Headquarters): Motion 1605 Alton Rd. Birmingham, AL 35210, USA
Year Established: 1946


Motion Industries is committed to operating its business with integrity, which means contributing time and talent towards supporting local communities while promoting an inclusive workplace that fosters diversity of thought.
The company has set out on this mission not only for the sake their employees but also because it's important for society at large - by investing in people you are able create positive change within your community or even worldwide through volunteering work opportunities!
Motion Industries is a company that has been providing world-class service for over 50 years.
We have an extensive inventory of tools, machinery and equipment which give our customers the edge they need to stay competitive in any market
Motions' many services include anything from automation to inventory management all parts repair & fabrication needs - no matter how challenging!
Motion employees are experts at bringing solutions tailored specifically towards each customer's unique application can be handled quickly with ease by one call.

Products & Services: bearings, safety, linear motion,seal, electric tools etc

Main Markets: USA,Canada, Mexico, France etc .

5.Bearings & Accessories Limited
Type of Business: Manufacturing & Supplying bearings
 Location (Headquarters): 83 Harbour Street, Kingston,Jamaica
 Year Established: 1959


Bearings & Accessories is a company that has been providing high-quality services to Jamaica's mining industry since it started 50 years ago.
They are recognized as the preferred supplier of bearings for bauxite producers,
due in large part because they have vast experience with this type material and can provide all types at reasonable prices without voiding warranty coverage on any products sold through them if you're having trouble finding someone else willing or able who will do what needs done right away when your problem arises!
From the outset of a project, we work with our clients to ensure their needs are met and exceeded.
We lead this process from beginning through every stage of your bespoke team's development - collaborating closely along the way so that you receive nothing but unparalleled expertise for all tasks at hand!
For more information about how Aardwolf can help make any endeavor successful by bringing together world-class resources on time & within budget contact us today.


Main Markets: Middle-East ,European region ,Asia etc .

6.NTN Canada
Type of Business: Manufacturing & Supplying bearings
Location (Headquarters): 305 Courtneypark Drive West,
Mississauga, Ontario L5W 1Y4 Canada
Year Established: 1968


NTN Canada company that's been around since 1968, NTN Bearings Corporation of Canada has enjoyed continuous growth and expansion over the past 50 years.
As a leader in ball & roller bearing manufacturing with an ultimate goal to create "the best" experience possible for their customers they're determined not only on providing high-quality products but also customer service beyond expectations!
NTN's dedication to the future shines through in everything we do.
We invest heavily into research and development, both technological leadership with products as well our processes for manufacturing them effectively - all so that you can have an edge on your competition when working right at home or abroad!
When choosing us there are many benefits: installation assistance from experts who know what they're doing;
problem solving skillsets available through tooling up teams ready around world wide branches alike... But wait till YOU hear about some more exciting things coming soon!

Products & Services: bearings,bearing units,linear motions ,maintenance tools

Main Markets: Canada, USA, Mexico , Middle & South America etc .

7.PT. CBC Indonesia
Type of Business: Manufacturing & Supplying bearings
Location (Headquarters): Secure Building Blok C, Jl.Raya Protokol Halim Perdanakusuma, Jakarta Timur 13610, Indonesia
Year Established: 1954


PT. CBC Indonesia is a leading distributor of bearings, power transmission and associated technical services in the country's growing economy;
they have been providing top-quality equipment for over two decades now through their wide range business partnerships - starting with mining sites but expanding into other industries as well!
PT CBC is a renowned multinational company that not only provides top-tier industrial brands with superior technical and engineering services, but also manufactures products on request for any industry across Indonesia.

Products & Services: Bearings, seals,linear motion,lubricants etc .

Main Markets: Asia area, Africa area, North America etc .

Type of Business: Manufacturing & Supplying bearings
Location (Headquarters): Oficina Principal: Jr. Juan Fanning 400 Barranco Peru
Year Established: 1979


Imporod is a company that was founded in 1979, specializing in bearing import and commercialization.
They have been able to provide products for both industrial use as well automotive needs with their wide range of offerings including sealants greases pillow blocks , etc
We at IMPOROD have the ability to provide customers with efficient Technical Assistance, through a highly trained professional staff offering high quality Products that are suitable for use and have an extensive stock of bearings.
We offer our clients fast attention through excellent distribution system by national level which provides them timely solutions on their requirements within quick timescales.

Products & Services: bearings,seals,chains, belts,etc.

Main Markets: Peru,Colombia,Chile,Argentina etc

Type of Business: Manufacturing & Supplying bearings
Location (Headquarters): Jl.Danau Sunter Barat A2-9, Sunter Agung, Jakarta Utara 14350- Indonesia
Year Established: 1975


Djaja Harapan has been abearing witness to the evolution of ball-bearings since 1975 when it was first established as just one small shop in Taman Sari.
In 1983, with only 8 employees and under its new location near Krekot Bridge (nowadays known affectionately by locals),
this company went on not only win awards but also grow exponentially over time so much that they became an official distributor for both FYH Pillow Block Japan -a partnership which started back then--and had already Distributed other top brands such HCH/ADP before becoming famous worldwide through our work here!
We, PT Djaja Harapan stand by customer satisfaction.
We put our entire company well being as priority one and promise to take full responsibility for all of services that we provide;
whether it be in Japan or Singapore - All engineers are top quality technical service providers who have been trained locally on site with Europe's best engineering universities!

Products & Services: bearings,steel mills,pillow block etc .

Main Markets: Indonesia ,Japan, Singapore and Europe.

10.DB Components Industriali Srl
Type of Business: Manufacturing & Supplying bearings
Location (Headquarters):strada provinciale SP335, km 27,55, 81025 Marcianise CE, Italy 
Year Established: 2000


For over twenty years, DB Components Industriali Srl have been the exclusive distributor of a wide range and variety mechanical power transmission products ideal for satisfying consumers as well as maintenance workers in automated systems.
The constant updating on our product line combined with great reliability makes us your one-stop shop!
You can always rely on us to offer you the best solution, and we do so by selecting from catalogs of high-quality brands. All our products are selected carefully with your needs in mind;
they're reliable because of how much time was spent making sure that only top quality items would be delivered right away when needed most!

Products & Services: bearings,motors,electric engine etc

Main Markets: Italy , Germany, France, USA,UK etc .

These companies offer a wide range of products and services to cater to your bearing needs.
They have years of experience in the industry and are dedicated to providing you with quality bearings that will meet your needs.