Top 10 Bearing Manufacturers in the UK in 2024

The top 10 bearing manufacturers in the UK may be too far out of your concern.

But what if I tell you that discovering them dramatically ups your chance of securing sophisticated bearing products?

Would you believe me? 

I suggest that you believe me. This listing of these bearings UK manufacturers did not just pop up randomly.

Tracking sales percentages and overall presence in the global market served as the basis for the ranking. 

Roll with us as we dive into the fascinating world of bearing manufacturers. 

Best Bearing Manufacturers in the UK

1. SKF Bearings: The Pioneers

SKF Bearings: The Pioneers

First on our list are SKF Bearings, the pioneers.

Having been established since 1907, SKF has since led in the bearing industry.

Operating in over 130 countries, they've earned their stripes by consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation and reliability.

The SKF bearings UK are the champion of innovation.

Having consistently pushed the boundaries, the company contributes significantly to the advancement in bearings.

In addition, they have introduced cutting-edge technologies.

These technologies are known to redefine the benchmarks for bearing performance.

From automotive to aerospace, SKF's command in the industry remains steadfast. 

Their ability to innovate and adapt is what makes the company successful.

Transitioning from traditional ball and roller bearings to magnetic bearings and beyond, the company delivers to diverse industries. 

In 2020, the SFK Sweden erected a total of 87 factories.

This racked them a total of $2, 714 million net profit and a $9, 530 million annual sales.

From these achievements, the company takes credit for 20% of the international market share.

Headquarters: Gothenburg, Sweden


Telephone: 1-800-523-7514 within the US or +1-858-496-3627 outside of the US






2. NSK Bearings: Precision Perfected

 NSK Bearings: Precision Perfected

Second on our list is the NSK Bearings.

A company synonymous with precision, they are renowned for their commitment to quality.

NSK has been a key player in the UK's bearing landscape.

From automotive to industrial applications, their bearings boast precise engineering quality. 

NSK bearings UK carved their own place in the world through their cutting-edge technology.

Their brand consistently introduces innovative solutions.

Meanwhile, they ensure their bearings are at the forefront of the industry. 

Garnering a total of 30, 378 global employees in 2021, the company ranked number 3 in the global market share. 

Headquarters: Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan


Telephone: +81-3-3779-7111; +81-3-3779-743 (Headquarters)






3. FAG Bearings: German Engineering in the UK

FAG Bearings: German Engineering in the UK

While stationed in Germany, FAG Bearings has firmly established its presence in the UK.

The brand is synonymous with German engineering.

Consequently, their bearings are a staple in various sectors, including aerospace and automotive.

It is in these sectors that their bearings are celebrated for their robustness and performance.

The brand's commitment to quality is rooted in its German heritage.  

FAG Bearings is a standard when it comes to fusing traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology.

What we get from this fusion is a product line that stands the test of time. 

FAG Bearings continues to be a driving force in the UK's manufacturing landscape.

They have been garnering awards since 1955 up to the present.

The Manufacturing Prize in 2008, the BS5750 part 1 ISO 9001 in 1990,

and the Gold Award from Toyota Motor Europe in 2015 are among the few awards given to FAG bearings UK (respectively to their parent companies Schaeffler, LUK, and INA). 

Headquarters: Danbury, 200 Park Ave, United States


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..






4. NTN Bearings: Engineering Excellence

NTN Bearings: Engineering Excellence

NTN Bearings brings a touch of Japanese engineering excellence to the UK bearing market.

With a history stretching back to 1918, they've been crafting bearings that stand the test of time.

Their diverse product range delivers to industries ranging from agriculture to renewable energy.

Renowned for their drive for quality and excellence, NTN bearings UK is a stalwart in agriculture and renewable energy industries.

Their diverse product range encompasses ball bearings, roller bearings, and tapered roller bearings.

As industries evolve, NTN Bearings remains at the forefront.

Providing bearings that power most of UK machinery, they hold 25% of the market share. 

Headquarters: Osaka, Japan


Telephone: +1-309-699-8600 / Fax : +1-309-699-8670 






5. Timken Bearings: Where Innovation Meets Tradition

Timken Bearings: Where Innovation Meets Tradition

Timken Bearings blends innovation with tradition.

Established in 1899, they continue to progress with today’s engineering needs.

With their drive for quality, Timken has succeeded to make its brand a staple in the UK's manufacturing landscape. 

Headquartered in the United States but with several representations in the UK, the company has become a global leader.

Through the years, it left a mark on the manufacturing landscape.

Despite the continuous innovations in their units (bearings, gearboxes, and wheels), their traditional signature remains.

This seamless blend of innovation and tradition makes the company responsive.

Given such, the Timken bearings UK manages to keep the best practices to today. 

Given their command in material science, friction management, and power transmission,

the company specializes in diagnosing malpractices in the engineering platform.

It is because of this that the company continues to bag awards to this day. 

Part of their best practices is their customer-centered dealing.

In addition, the company suits its workplace to a diverse workforce. Because of that, it boasts as one of the greatest workplaces for diversity

As of 2022, Timken rakes in a net sales worth of $4,496.7.

Its free cash flow has loosened up to about 285.4.

All these points account to the massive net generation exhibited by Timken in the overall market flow. 

Headquarters: North Canton, Ohio, United States


Telephone: 866-9TIMKEN (866-984-6536) (auto), 877-4TIMKEN (877-484-6536) (industrial)






6. RHP Bearings: A Legacy of Reliability

RHP Bearings: A Legacy of Reliability

RHP Bearings, part of the NSK group, brings a legacy of reliability to the table.

With roots dating back to 1916, RHP has been a trusted name in the UK's bearing industry.

Their bearings power everything from conveyor systems to agricultural machinery. Reliability is truly in their DNA.

Specializing in an extensive array of bearings, RHP caters to varied industries like automotive, agriculture, and industrial machinery.

The RHP bearings UK are fully  committed to providing robust solutions to machinery needs in the UK and the world.

It is through this commitment that the company distinguished itself from other brands.  

As part of the NSK Group, RHP benefits from the global expertise and innovation fostered within the larger organization.

The brand's bearings are not only crafted with precision, but also engineered to incorporate cutting-edge technologies. 

The company is a proud provider of products such as linear technology components, steering systems, and rolling bearings.

Spherical roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, and the single row ball bearings are among the few products that keep the company’s brand of reliability. 

In response to today’s call for environmental prioritization, the company ensured that  their plants are certified ISO 14 001 environmental management system.

A reduced carbon footprint, a reliable manufacturing process, and an eco-friendly operation are just among the few conditions certified by the said ISO. 

Headquarters: England, UK


Telephone: +81-3-3779-7111; +81-3-3779-743 (Headquarters)






7. Barden Bearings: Precision Redefined

Barden Bearings: Precision Redefined

Acquired by the Schaeffler Group, Barden Bearings continues to redefine precision in the UK bearing market.

Their innovativeness bore them pioneering technology that ensures precision in all forms. 

Barden Bearings, a member of the Schaeffler Group, is a name that resonates with precision and reliability in the bearing industry.

Having operated since 1942, Barden Bearings UK has pushed the boundaries of high-precision bearing technology.

Earning its reputation, and much like the top companies in this list, it has become a go-to choice in the industry for superior ball bearings. 

Specializing in spindle bearings and ball bearings, the brand's manufacturing processes are known to be rigorous. 

Despite that, it maintains practicality and the ergonomics of its factory setups. All of its bearings meet the standards for precision engineering.

Industries such as aerospace, machine tools, and medical equipment rely on Barden Bearings to deliver consistent performance in critical applications.

In a setting where precision is non-negotiable, Barden Bearings UK stands as a reputable name. 

Headquarters: Plymouth, UK


Telephone: +44 (0) 1752 735555




8. Rolls Bearing Limited: Your One-Stop Bearing Shop

Rolls Bearing Limited: Your One-Stop Bearing Shop

Rolls Bearing Limited covers  a wide list of bearing units, functionality, and performance.

A specialized distributor of top-tier bearing  materials, it caters to almost all industry needs.

Over the years, its reputation established it as the one-stop shop for bearing needs.

Whether you're in need of ball bearings, roller bearings, or tapered roller bearings, Rolls Bearing Limited is your source for all things bearings.

You might come to ask why we included the rolls Bearing Limited on the list while it’s not a manufacturer but a distributor.

Well, the answer is that the profit the company yields is equal to that of a sole manufacturer.

A major distributor to big-time manufacturers such as the Timken brand, INA and FAG bearings, NSK bearing, IKO bearing, and many more. 

Headquartered in Wanchai, Hong Kong, its reach encompasses the UK and the world. 



Telephone: 00852-21376052


Twitter/ X:


9. GGB Bearings: Innovating in Tribology

GGB Bearings: Innovating in Tribology

GGB Bearings takes a unique approach by specializing in tribology – the science of friction, wear, and lubrication.

Their self-lubricating bearings are a game-changer in industries where maintenance is a critical factor.

The incorporation of self-lubricating technologies reduces the need for external lubrication, providing operational advantages in demanding applications.

GGB Bearings proves that innovation in tribology can revolutionize the bearing landscape.

Established as a global player, GGB Bearings delivers solutions that go beyond traditional bearings.

These solutions mitigate the challenges posed by friction and wear.

Optimum performance under pressure is the signature of its bearing performance. 

GGB Bearings also links to a wide selection of industries– industrial manufacturing, automotive, energy, and aerospace.

Their bearings thrive in environments where traditional solutions may face limitations.

All in all, this achievement by the GGB bearings UK signifies a mindset that pushes the boundaries of what's achievable in the field of tribology.

The company's emphasis on research and development ensures that their bearings not only meet but often exceed industry standards.

GGB bearings UK has positioned itself as a reliable partner for those seeking bearings that bring a unique blend of innovation, durability, and reduced maintenance requirements to the table.

Ultimately, the brand, in its products and processes, has contributed to enhanced efficiency in various sectors.

Headquarters: Thorofare, New Jersey, United States


Telephone: +1 856 689 4265




10. HKT Bearings: Niche Expertise


Last but certainly not least, HKT Bearings brings niche expertise to the table.

Specializing in spherical plain bearings and rod ends, they've carved a niche for themselves across rigorous applications. 

When it comes to challenging environments, HKT bearings UK stands tall as a reliable choice.

Given that, they not only provide bearing solutions, they can also do it for you.

A “one-stop service for steel industry” is their company tagline. 

Some of their popular products include high chromium rolls, enhanced ICDP rolls, semi HSS rolls, and many more. 

Headquarters: Namdong-gu Incheon, Korea


Telephone: +82-32-822-7607FAX : +82-32-822-6116

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Read on. There’s more to unpack in the bearings UK niche…

What to Look for in the Best Bearing Products

Looking for perfect bearing is like finding the right partner – you want reliability, trustworthiness, and a good fit. 

Below are some helpful tips for spotting the best bearing products: 

Start by checking out the bearing type: There are ball bearings, roller bearings, and even needle bearings, each designed for different applications. Make sure to match the bearing type with your specific needs.

Precision is the name of the game: Look for bearings with tight tolerances if you want smooth operations without any wobbling or jerking.

Consider the load capacity too. You wouldn't want your bearing to buckle under pressure, right?

Check the manufacturer's specifications to ensure it can handle the weight it'll be carrying.

Material matters: Just like choosing a durable pair of shoes, go for bearings made from quality materials.

Stainless steel or chrome steel are excellent choices for corrosion resistance and durability.

Think about the environment too – different conditions require different materials.

Lubrication is the unsung hero: Well-lubricated bearings mean less friction and wear.

Some bearings come pre-greased, while others may need periodic lubrication.

Choose the one that suits your maintenance preferences.

Consider the shields and seals: The shields and seals are like the protective armor for your bearings.

They keep out dirt and moisture. A well-sealed bearing lasts longer, performing at its best even in challenging environments.

So, in the grand quest for the ideal bearing, keep these pointers in mind, and you'll be on your way to a smooth, reliable partnership with your machinery.


And there you have it – the top 10 bearing manufacturers in the UK, each contributing to the smooth functioning of machinery across various industries. 

Whether you're looking for precision, reliability, or innovation, these spin masters have it all covered.

The next time you encounter a smoothly running machine, remember that behind the scenes are the graceful workers under pressure – the bearings from these top-notch manufacturers.

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