Rolls Bearing Limited won the outstanding supplier of GKN company 2017 annual award
As GKN drive systems division of the thousands of suppliers, twice won the suppliers
A few days ago, British GKN's global supplier conference in London, Rolls Bearing group company for GKN drive system division outstanding supplier award for 2017.GKN drive systems division finally selected from hundreds of thousands of suppliers worldwide Rolls Bearing group, its chief executive Phil Swash for RollsBearing presented the award in person.
GKN is described RollsBearing group company: from GKN and RollsBearing group begin to formal cooperation five years ago, RollsBearing has maintained the quality of the 0 PPM (millions of product defect rate to zero), and during this period to GKN RollsBearing a factory delivery on time rate is 100%.
GKN British company was founded in 1759, is one of the world's top 500 enterprises, now Britain's second largest engineering manufacturers, the main business involves large civil aircraft and aircraft parts, auto transmission system, the vehicle and special vehicle highway work with system and so on, the automobile transmission system of manufacturing business enjoys a high reputation all over the world.In the last two terms of GKN drive systems division in the global supplier meeting, RollsBearing is the only one won two consecutive suppliers, participating in other GKN company's top suppliers and GKN congratulations on RollsBearing group of achievement.
In the field of auto bearing, RollsBearing group has become the only domestic mass into a circular cone roller bearings bearing enterprises before the U.S. auto market, automobile bearing manufacture process chain import international automobile customer standards, product quality stability and reliability has reached the international advanced level.