The supersonic SKF bearing breaks through the sound line


SKF led technology to create one

One of the most successful breakthroughs in the history of the project is the success of the S Thrust SSC car at supersonic speeds Break the world land speed of the wheels crossing tool.

After the record Just 18 days, the world's largest bearing manufacturer S rate of K F assist Andy Wang, (A n d y G r e e n), at MACH 1, the speed of 1230KM/h driving the Thrust SSC Super car, flying over the heavy barrier in the black rock desert of Nevada, Nevada.This feat has again proved to the world that the excellence of Thrust SSC car parts is also an important Angle for T bearing expert SKF.


In this design and in the opening of the high-speed bearing, the global bearing manufacturer of the pioneer SKF is just, the extension to the bearing development and the higher technical field that should be used.SKF bearing design team, said: "never before in the design and manufacture this can withstand such as the bitter work condition of the shaft bearing Thrust SSC is difficult to equate in 14 level 0 of the power equation of the racing car speeds up, all the more impressive is its deceleration and braking system umbrella can be scheduled within 48 S just stopped by a state of high speed.