Common bearing application in our life

The application range of bearings is too wide, large to industry, small to our daily life,includes 30 categories of different applications, covering industry, agriculture, aviation, machinery, environmental protection, food, etc.Large bearings you may often see, but similar to the button grain as a small bearing, so small that we can not believe it is actually a bearing.




1)High temperature deep groove ball bearings can be used in many mechanical operations of food and beverage.

What are the advantages of using this kind of bearing?

●This bearings Improve effective running time and productivity

● This bearings Reduce maintenance and operation costs

● This bearings Significantly prolong bearing life

● This bearings Wide temperature operation

● This bearings A variety of lubrication options

● This bearings Low environmental


2) Electrically insulated bearing,used for the motorcycle

You can find all the advantages of using this kind of bearing

● To provide bearing operation and electrical insulation to experience the solution

● Electrically insulated bearings increase machine running time

● Electrically insulated bearings reduce maintenance and running costs

● Electrically insulated bearings have more economic value than other electrical insulation schemes

● Electrical insulation bearing environmental protection


3) Roller ball bearings,used for Roller skating,

As the key factor to determine the speed and function of roller skates, the quality and material of bearings directly affect the skater's experience

At present, the most common types of bearings in the market are carbon steel bearings, chromium-gold bearings, titanium alloy bearings, white porcelain bearings and black porcelain bearings.Because the material is different, the application scope of all kinds of bearings is not the same.

Among them, black porcelain bearings and white porcelain bearings.The two ball friction is very small, both have high speed, hardness, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, oil free self-lubrication and other advantages, the only difference is that the white porcelain bearing hardness is slightly lower and black porcelain, suitable for the player who likes speed skating, but not suitable for the player who stops the flat flower brake


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