No disassembly inspection of the bearing

The familiar NI A and F A G are two well-known international brands of schaeffler group.The INA products cover all aspects of the industrial bearing applications. FA G as the founder of the rolling bearing and professional manufacturers, its products cover all the bearing type, installation tools, test equipment, and grease.After the production and market of their respective products have been expanded and integrated, schaeffler group has become a leader in the world bearing industry.

The locomotive wheel has to be disassembled and serviced regularly according to its usage.The bearing also needs to be tested.FAG Kugelfischer, of Schweinfurt in Germany, can now provide a test bed for bearings that can be tested on wheels without disassembly.Therefore, the state analysis and analysis data of the wheel bearing are analyzed with the special FAG rolling bearing analyzer for less than 1min.

The test of the bearing is in the time of the hoops.When the wheel has to be processed on the wheel to the automatic lathe for 15 m n, a pair of iron - trimmed wheels will be rolled onto the test bench.The measurement process of the two bearing parts ends with an automatic clamping device and an electric actuator that can produce a rotating speed and load in accordance with the actual conditions.The performance parameters that reflect the state are displayed on the monitor.These parameters can also be recorded to save all important measurement results.