Three basic parameters are often used in the design of rolling SKF bearings: the basic rated dynamic load Cr (radial) or Ca (axial) to meet the requirements of a certain fatigue life;Basic rated static strength COR (radial) or COA (axial) to meet certain static strength requirements and limit speed No to control bearing wear.


1)Bearing rated static load?

The basic rated static load (radial COR, axial COA) of rolling bearings refers to the pseudo radial load or central axial static load equivalent to the contact stress caused by the contact center between the rolling body and the raceway at the maximum load of the bearing.

The rated static load is determined under the assumed load conditions. For centripetal bearings, the rated static load refers to the radial load. For centripetal thrust bearings refers to the radial component of the load loaded in the half-ring raceway of the bearing, and for thrust bearings, the central axial load.

It seems that the radial basic static load rating and axial basic static load rating of the bearing refer to the maximum load that the bearing can bear when it is static or rotating.The carrying capacity of deep groove ball bearings in static or slow rotation (speed n≤10r/min) is the rated static load.


2)Bearing dynamic load rating?

The rated dynamic load of the bearing refers to the constant radial load that the rolling bearing can theoretically bear. The basic rated life of the bearing is 100W revolution under the action of the load. The basic rated dynamic load of the bearing reflects the ability of the bearing to withstand rolling fatigue.The basic rated dynamic load of centripetal bearings and thrust bearings is called radial basic rated dynamic load and axial basic rated dynamic load, and is expressed by Cr and Ca.The bearing capacity of groove ball bearings in rotation (speed n>10r/mim) is the basic rated dynamic load.


3)Why is the bearing rated dynamic load greater than the rated static load?

The rated dynamic load refers to the load borne by the bearing when the rated life is 1 million RPM.The rated static load refers to the contact point between the roller and the ring raceway that is under the maximum load when the bearing is at rest under the action of the load. The sum of the permanent deformation of the roller and the ring raceway is 1/10000 of the diameter of the roller.


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