On the case, on the graphics card, on the CPU, there are always one or two fans, isn't it an electric fan?What technology can it have?Really have, the market of thousands of fans, a small fan with why so expensive?Today we're going to take a look at some of the top secrets.In the past we introduced "what is a good fan" (stamp here), computer fan long basic same, Bearing because can't see, so we usually don't too concerned about, based on the type can be divided into basic oil seal Bearing (Sleeve Bearing SB) and Ball Bearing, Ball Bearing 2 b) two categories later still have a kind of magnetic suspension Bearing (VAPO), other kinds of bearings are based on the improved after them.


Oil seal bearing Sleeve

The oil seal bearing is simple and rough, with a shaft inside and a sleeve outside, coated with a layer of oil, and the lid is sealed.Use lubricating oil to lubricate and reduce resistance, the cost is very low, the disadvantage is that the life is very short, not durable.Because the void inside is filled with oil, so just bought noise is very low, and there is no wear.But after a long time of use, it will absorb ash, and the lubricating oil will heat and volatilize, so the more friction and vibration are used, the greater the general life is 5000~15000 hours, and the average fan in China is basically about 8000 hours.Playing computer 10 hours a day, two or three years later, the performance of the fan will be worse, the axis deviation, the fan will be "rattling".Many fans with oil seals dare not label any bearings, generally marked as "silent bearings", which are basically oil seals.


Double ball bearing Two Ball

Double ball bearings are recognized for the first time in life, the disadvantage is that they are too noisy.The cost of this kind of bearing is obviously relatively high, and the use of rolling friction with less resistance greatly improves the life span.There are two ball bearings inside the shaft, and there are many small steel balls around the shaft in each bearing.A rotation of the shaft, the small steel ball follow the rotation, generally no oil seal, you can directly see the inside of the appearance, in order to prevent dust, may use rubber or metal shaft seal.The maximum life is generally 50000~100000 hours.Because the upper limit is high and the life is long, it's usually used in violent industrial fans, the kind that can take off when it's lit.

One Ball + One Sleeve

Compared with the traditional oil seal bearing improvement, single ball ball and oil seal design combined with sliding friction and rolling friction, with a ball as the main support, and another oil seal bearing to share a small part of the force.The cost is lower than the double ball, and the vibration is reduced at the same time, and the life is improved to about 40,000 hours, but the noise is still not low, and the overall performance is between the double ball and the oil seal.


In addition, there are various efforts in materials to improve life and stability, such as ceramic NSK bearings.If the pursuit of longevity choose bearing class, if the pursuit of silence choose oil seal class.Rolls Bearing Limited specializes in providing all kinds of oil seal bearings and rolling bearings, and has a professional team design types, solutions.Ensure to provide customers with appropriate and high cost - effective products.