Features of retainer, sealing ring and dust cover for imported bearings.

The characteristics of the retainer, sealing ring and dust cover of imported bearings are introduced:


Steel crown type bearing retainer. According to the design of the inner ring, the stainless steel plate is formed and stamped at one time. The nylon crown type bearing retainer is designed according to the inner ring and made of polyamide (nylon 66). Steel plate rivet wave type bearing retainer. The two parts of the wave are fixed by rivets and are used for bearings running under high load.


Dust cover

ZZ: Retaining ring type steel plate NSK bearing dust cover. For miniature bearings, the stamped metal steel plate is fixed on the outer ring with a spring tight ring.

ZZ: Stamped steel bearing dust cover. It is a structure that reduces grease leakage and strengthens the metal steel plate on the outer ring by stamping.


Sealing ring

TT: Retaining ring type Teflon bearing seal ring. Mainly used for miniature bearings. The Teflon sealing ring with glass fiber is fixed on the outer ring with a spring tight ring.

2RS: Contact rubber bearing seal ring

Effectively prevent the intrusion of external foreign matter, the rubber sealing ring is embedded in the outer ring of the bearing, and the sealing ring is in slight contact with the inner ring.