A typical drawn cup needle roller bearing is formed by matching a drawn cup with a needle roller and cage assembly or a set of needle rollers. This kind of bearing does not require axial positioning, which makes the design of the housing for installing this kind of bearing simple and economical. Therefore, it is the most widely used needle roller bearing category.


This type of bearing is divided into two types: closed type and open type: the former is used to seal the shaft end to prevent lubrication leakage and the intrusion of dirt and moisture, such as universal joint bearings; the latter often acts as the main bearing, such as the main bearing of automobile power steering gear . There is also a kind of open type bearing that does not use a cage but only uses special grease to fill the needle rollers fully, called full needle roller bearings. Using the principles explained above, readers believe that they will soon be able to make an inference: the bearing capacity of this full-needle bearing must be higher than that of the caged bearing, but its speed is definitely not as good as the latter. Yes, the answer is correct!

In summary, needle roller SKF bearings have very small radial cross-sectional dimensions (especially stamped outer ring series), and at the same time have a very high radial load capacity. When it needs to bear axial load, it can be perfectly combined with thrust needle roller bearings. This compact bearing design is particularly suitable for applications where installation space is limited, and high load and speed requirements are required.