In the process of using SKF bearings, the bearing is fine, but the water roller bearing is damaged, and the bearing still cannot be used normally. So what causes the damage of the water roller bearing? According to the summary experience, we can tell from the analysis of the damage of the water roller bearing that the structure of the water roller has the following problems.

(1) There is a problem with the sealing. Especially for water rollers, some shaft ends need to be immersed in dampening solution. When the pH value of the dampening solution is less than 6, the bearing will be corroded quickly, and the ball cannot rotate normally, which will eventually cause the bearing to rust and run away from the inner and outer rings. The roll body, bearing and mandrel are all scrapped.

(2) The division of axial force. In addition to the corrosion and damage caused by the intrusion of fountain solution, the bearing will also have a "split frame" phenomenon, that is, the bearing balls scattered from the "flower basket" to the cylinder, causing serious damage to the surface of the plate cylinder, blanket cylinder, and rubber roller.

General solutions (methods) include: modify the rubber body, set up a reliable sealing structure (Structure) to prevent the dampening solution from entering the bearing. If you want to check the shaft bearing damage, you can find that in most cases, it may cause them, so it takes a long time to use a cautious attitude, even with high-performance bearings. If improperly used, the expected performance effect cannot be achieved. And it is easy to damage the bearing. Adjust the SKF bearing to make the bearing have the correct clearance and axial force to avoid mechanical damage due to the looseness of the bearing.