In the sewage treatment process, vertical booster pumps are a common application. The most common challenges encountered in the operation and maintenance of this equipment are: high temperature and grease leakage and dumping. In response to these two challenges, SKF has provided a perfect solution through self-developed sealed single-row angular contact ball bearings: reducing energy consumption, reducing friction and heat generation, and low grease loss.

In addition, SKF sealed single-row angular contact ball bearings and SKF open bearings of the same size are very easy to exchange and easy to operate. There is no need to significantly replace the parts in the pump, which can reduce downtime and labor costs due to equipment replacement. For industrial pumps, reliability, long life and energy saving are essential. In order to meet these performance requirements, a large number of high-end pump manufacturers have chosen to use SKF sealed single row angular contact ball bearings and have achieved success.