A few days ago, Hangzhou Federation of Industrial Economics, Hangzhou Enterprise Confederation, and Hangzhou Entrepreneur Association officially released the list of “Top 100 Hangzhou Manufacturing (Digital Economy) Enterprises in 2021”, and Hangzhou Bearing Group Co., Ltd. was listed as the “Manufacturing Industry ( "Digital Economy) Ranked 64th on the Top 100 Companies List.

It is reported that this time the top 100 list is based on international and domestic prevailing rules, based on the principle of voluntary declaration, and the business income of the previous year is the basic ranking standard. The release of the list aims to encourage enterprises to stand up to the forefront of development, seize the major historical opportunities of city model construction and the "Asian Games window", give full play to the leading advantages of Hangzhou's manufacturing (digital economy) and the goose effect, and do a good job in brand building , Continue to grow bigger and stronger, and continuously stimulate the vitality of market players.

In recent years, in accordance with the work deployment requirements of the Human Group, HangZhou Group has firmly grasped the opportunity of the continuous increase in the promotion of the "dual engine" of the digital economy and the manufacturing industry in Hangzhou, keeping up with the pace of social and economic development, and focusing on high-end equipment bearings. Advantageous market demand for localization and industrialization, facing the severe and complex international situation and the impact of the new crown epidemic at home and abroad, continuously increase investment in technology research and development, further enhance management improvement capabilities and independent innovation capabilities, and adhere to the implementation of traditional manufacturing transformation and digital upgrades The measures are to gradually break through the technical problems of "stuck neck" of some major equipment bearings, and continue to occupy the commanding heights of the market and technology. While assisting the development of the domestic high-end equipment industry, it also injects new growth points for the future business development of the company.